Hilleren & Associates ‘brings people together for better healthcare’ by building successful sales teams and helping to achieve career dreams in the medical industry. We are guided by our values of:

Excellence: Recruiting exclusively for healthcare manufacturers, we know our market, the questions to ask and the places to look to conduct thorough and timely searches. We support the entire hiring process, from candidate sourcing through interview management and offer process to ensure that informed decisions are made--decisions based on knowledge and information, not supposition and question.

Partnership: We never lose sight of teamwork as we build partnerships through open communication with our clients and candidates. We want all parties involved to be ‘winners’: to succeed together by doing what would be impossible alone. We recognize that by working together we can accomplish far more.

Integrity: We know the importance and emotionality of employment decisions and respect that lives are bigger than careers. We practice careful confidentiality and do not send out resumes without gaining the candidate’s permission. We share everything we know about an opportunity and follow up with feedback and status reports, and we expect the same of our clients.

Forward Thinking: Our vision is always on the horizon by anticipating future needs and actively working towards new possibilities. We employ our experience to think ahead, to foresee questions and challenges to ensure a successful interview process and a good ‘onboarding’ experience.

About Us

JERRY HILLEREN, Founder and President, has been involved in the medical industry for better than 30 years. For the past 25+ years, he has worked to build successful healthcare sales teams and advance the careers of healthcare sales professionals. His commitment to advance the profession along with his personal skills have lead him to leadership roles in the state professional association and a national network organization.

Jerry believes that we help to make career dreams come true and assist in the delivery of better healthcare. He is a Minnesota native, graduating from the University of Minnesota and raising three children in Bloomington. He remains active in competitive running, skiing, biking and tennis, and enjoys the outdoor activities of hunting, camping, canoeing and fishing.


JIM COLAIZY, a Director and Managing Partner, has 20+ years of healthcare sales and management experience originating in 1971, which encompasses med/surg distribution, medical capital equipment and contract manufacturing. Jim’s been recruiting since 1998 with a primary focus on med/surg sales, some pharmaceutical sales and candidate development.

Jim is a Minnesota native and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, with an MBA from the University of St. Thomas. He is a dedicated blended-family man, loves home-improvement projects, runs to eat and plays blues harp to relax.

5123 West 98th Street #114, Minneapolis, MN 55437
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